Household Waste Water Management Solutions in Kenya
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Household Waste Water Management Solutions in Kenya

Household Waste Water Management Solutions in Kenya

Disposing waste water from households and industrial use is a big concern in many parts of the world and our country is no exception. This is due to the lack of efficient/reliable household waste water management solutions in Kenya or many other parts of the world for that matter. It’s a big challenge that is far from being overcome but small strides are being made. At Watertech, we have also stepped in to play our part in helping households dispose off their waste water to the environment that when it is clean.

Household waste water management solutions in Kenya we offer

        I.            Use of blow aerator septic systems

Blow aerator septic systems are the modern and most effective means of disposing off household waste water. These are structures designed to clean the water that is used in your house for washing clothing, utensils, toilet etc. They are so effective compared to bio-digesters and other alternatives such that the water released to the environment can be safely used to water your lawn, garden, wash floors, vehicle etc. The water is odourless and has no particles meaning it cannot mess up your vehicle or floor with visible particles and/or odour.

A blow aerator septic system utilizes bacteria already available in the atmosphere and the waste water to break down the particles. The system utilizes a blow aerator pump to increase the work rate of the bacteria. This transforms the bacteria from anaerobic to aerobic state. The water then passes through several chambers as it continues to break down further and separation of the water and particles takes place until the water that comes out of the other end is clean.

Blow aerator septic systems occupy a small space within your property therefore saving you the space you can use for other things. This makes them very suitable for urban arears where space is limited.

      II.            Using traditional bio-digester systems

A traditional bio-digester system is the other alternative for disposing off water to the environment in a safe clean manner. Through not as effective as the blow aerator septic system, it also helps households to conserve the environment by not releasing dirty waste water to the environment.

The Best Biodigesters in KenyaA bio-digester also uses bacteria in a vacuum chamber to breakdown the effluent from your household. The water is then separated from the particles when the particles settle at the bottom and water flows out through an outlet at the top of the chamber. The water is also odourless and the bio-digester system itself doesn’t emit any odour if built well.

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If you are looking for an affordable and reliable solution for disposing your household water you have come to the right place. We are experts and leaders in household waste water management solutions in Kenya. Get in touch with us today for inquiry or to book a site visit.

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