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How to Clean Swimming Pool Walls With Bleach

How to Clean Swimming Pool Walls With Bleach

After some time pool walls may become stained due to the pool sitting unused for some time or due to irregular cleaning schedules. At other times also after a storm the pool is contaminated by runoff water or even if some foreign material that releases color like paint buckets, tins, clothes with running color etc. When this happens the walls are the main victim. As a result you will definitely need to clean your pool if you intend to use it. Below we will share tips on how to clean swimming pool walls with bleach.

How to clean swimming pool walls with bleach

Though there are several ways you can clean the walls of a swimming pool, one of the easiest and effective methods is using bleach. Follow the following steps to clean your pool walls with bleach.

  1. Step 1- switch off the pool filter and any heater if available. You don’t want these running when the pool is empty to avoid damaging them. Replacing them can be very costly.
  2. Step 2- drain the pool- using a pump is the most preferred method by many because it’s very easy and effective. However at times you might not be having a pump or your pump might not be working. If you find yourself in such a situation you can use the hose method. Check out our earlier article on how to drain a swimming pool without a pump. Whatever the case use your preferred method of draining the water in the pool. The end result is to drain it.
  3. Step 3- mix the bleach appropriately. Follow the manufacturer’s recommendations as well as safety precautions like wearing gloves, goggles and a mask if recommended. Mixing the right ratios will give you the best results.
  4. Step 4- apply the bleach on a small section starting from the top. Make sure the area is moist. Let it sit for at least five minutes and then start scrubbing to see how effective it is. You might need to increase the concentration of the bleach or change to a different one if your mixture is not effective enough.

How to Drain Swimming Pool Water Without a PumpStarting with a small section helps you save time and energy you might use only to realize you are not getting the results you need. Once satisfied you can now work on the larger area. As you move along the walls you leave behind the other parts you have applied the bleach to take effect.

  1. Step 5- scrub with a brush or whatever you use to scrub. Make sure it’s not metallic that can damage the surface. After allowing the bleach to take effect on the section you were working on after the set time, you can come back and start scrubbing.
  2. Step 6- rinse- when you are done scrubbing each section you should now rinse with clean water.
  3. Step 7- clean the floor and remove any debris- you can use a brush to clean the floor of the pool and remove any debris on the floor.
  4. Step 8- refill the pool with water and turn on the filter and heater if necessary.

It’s also very important to clean the swimming pool filter for maximum efficiency and long service. Check out our guide on cleaning a swimming pool filter.

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