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watertech swimming pools, Cost of Constructing a Swimming Pool in Kenya

Swimming Pools Costruction

We are experts in swimming pool construction. We construct private, public and commercial swimming pools for residential homes, schools, institutions, hotels etc.

spas, spa construction services in Kenya

Spa construction

We Kenya’s best spa contractor. If you need a reliable service provider to handle your spa construction project you have arrived at the right place. Our technical team is able to execute your concept to detail. 


Sauna Construction

We construct saunas that meet the highest standards. Our experienced technical team will deliver the right product as you desire regardless of the complexity.

steam baths

Steam Bath Construction

If you are looking for a reliable and experienced contractor to build a steam bath hire us. We guarantee you a final product that is beyond your expectation. 


Are you in need of fountain construction services? We are the experts in building fountains of different designs. Our technical team is capable of building whatever you want. 

watertech swimming pools, swimming pool construction services in Kenya

Repair & Maintenance

We also offer repair and maintenance services on all products we build at most affordable rates.

The Best Blow Aerators in Kenya

Blow Aerators Construction

We construct blow aerators that produce water that is so clean it is safe for drinking. These systems go beyond the regular biodigester process to produce clean water.

The Best Biodigesters in Kenya

Bio Digesters Construction

We construct biodigesters that are odorless and help you dispose the sewerage waste in a safe manner without any pollution whether air or ground.

Our Swimming Pool Solutions


We construct new swimming pools from ground.


We offer maintenance services on swimming pools.


We offer repair services on pools that are broken down or dilapidated.


We offer consultation on constructing swimming pools.

Professional Swimming Pools

We construct professional pools for learning institutions, hotels, sports facilities, real estate developments and private residents.

Fountains Construction


We construct world class fountains. We build them in different designs and customize to your style.


If you need maintenance services for your fountain we are well able to offer the service.


If you have broken down or dilapidated fountain you want to bring it back to life get in touch with us today.


Do you just want to consult about fountains? We also offer consultation on constructing world class fountains.

World Class Fountains

We construct world class fountains for parks, learning institutions, hotels, public facilities and real estate developers.

Saunas, Spas & Steam Baths


We are experts in construction of Saunas. We have some of the best technicians in the industry to handle your project.

Steam Baths

If you need to build steam baths for your hotel or even a private property we are here for you.


Are you a spa addict and want one for your home? Or you need a spa for commercial purposes. We are the ideal partner in that project.

Reliable Services

If you are looking for a reliable service provider you can always count on to deliver as required it's us. Get in touch to book a site visit.

Spas, Steam Baths & Saunas

We construct saunas, steam baths and spas for different clients across the country. We customize them to suit clients needs and preferences. Regardless of the available space, we are able to customize it to suit your property.

Our Blow Aerator and Bio-Digester Solutions


We construct blow aerators that produce highest standards of clean water. Our bio-digesters are safe and odorless.


We offer maintenance services on blow aerators and bio-digesters.


We offer repair services on bio-digesters and blow aerators.


We offer consultation services on constructing blow aerators and bio-digesters.

Environmental friendly blow aerators and bio-digesters

We construct blow aerators and bio-digesters that are environmental friendly for  real estate developments, learning institutions, hotels, private residents etc.

Customized Swimming Pools that reflect your style.

Our Statistics speak for themselves

+ 0 %
cost reduction
+ 70 %
Customer satisfaction
+ 75 %
Space maximization

Our Scope

Different clients we handle

Gated Community Residents

For residential gated communities who prefer to have these facilities within their residential areas instead of going to use public facilities. These restrict access to only residents and in some cases you need a membership card.

Public Facilities

These are facilities open for public use like hotels, schools, community recreational centers, stadiums etc. They can handle a bigger number of people and do not restrict access based on membership or residence.

Private Home Clients

These facilities are best for private homes. We design them to fit the unique space in your property and come in different shapes, size and designs. They are also more customizable depending space and onwer desires.

Luxury Pools for resorts and high end hotels.

Delivering ultimate customer satisfaction

Most effecient blow aerators for private homes, real estate developments and public facilities

Designed to the highest standards

watertech swimming pools

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