About Us

Watertech is a leading service provider in swimming pools construction, biodigesters construction and blow aerators construction in Kenya. We not only construct but also offer repair and maintenance of swimming pools, blow aerators and biodigesters at very affordable rates. In addition to the above, we offer consultancy services for anyone who wants to know more about any of the services we offer before they start the project.

Watertech is a subsidiary of Saset Technical Services that deals in manufacturing and assembly of various business equipment. We are licenced to offer swimming pool construction services, building blow aerators and biodigesters.

Watertech was incorporated in 2020 to be able to specialize in swimming pool construction services in Kenya.

Our Mission

To offer world class standard swimming pool construction services at the most affordable cost and shortest lead time.

Our Vision

To be the leader in offering world class swimming pool construction services in Kenya at most affordable rates.

Our core values

  • Customer satisfaction

We endeavour to offer the best customer satisfaction to all our clients regardless of the size and nature of the project.

  • Timely and speedy deliverability

We are committed to delivering the project within the agreed time frame without compromise.

  • Cost effective services

We strive to cut costs as much as possible without compromising the quality of the project.

  • Flexibility

We want to offer products that suit unique needs and preferences of our clients without compromising on the quality.

Our organization culture

  • Teamwork & support

We value teamwork and support for each other at our work place. Every staff member is accorded the necessary support and tools they need to work. This ensures every staff member is able to deliver to their best capacity.

  • Hardwork

Every staff at Watertech is challenged to ensure they give their best. This is done though targets and rewards for meeting the KPIs set in place.

  • Valuing each other

Each employee regardless of their position or nature of work is valued and respected. This helps everyone feel they belong and are part and parcel of Watertech.

  • Research and development

We are always researching and finding ways of developing new products and processes from what we learn.

  • Innovation

We want to be ahead of the rest by innovating new processes and designs through research.

  • Integrity

Integrity is highly valued and appreciated at Watertech. It is a requirement for every staff to practice integrity of the highest order when representing the company and/or working internally and dealing with fellow colleagues.

  • Efficiency

We endeavour to be as efficient as possible through efficient use of available resources for optimum output and avoid wastage.