Have you been dreaming of owning a spa or want to build one for commercial purposes? Watertech is an expert and a leading contractor in building spas in Kenya. We have the experience and technical knowhow of building spas of any size and shape.

Bringing dreams to reality

Dou you have a dream concept of the spa you would like to build? Our technicians are able to execute it and bring it to life with ease and simplicity. We have the experience and knowhow on building spas of any kind.

Why are we the best spas contractor in Kenya?

There are several reasons why we are a leading spa contractor in Kenya;

  • Durable

Do you want a spa that will last and give you continuous service optimally? Watertech is the ideal service provider. We build spas that last a whole lifetime and functioning to their best at all times.

  • Affordable

We build the most affordable spas in Kenya. If you are looking for an affordable contractor to build your spa you came to the right place. Even if you are on a tight budget, we will help you build the best spa for your money.

  • Low cost of maintenance

Apart from being affordable to build, our spas are designed to ensure the cost of maintaining them is really low. This gives you more profit margins if yours is for commercial use like most spas we build.

  • Unique designs

Do you have a unique design on your mind you would want to implement on your spa? Our technical team is well capable of making it a reality with relative ease. Whether you want it to have some special features or a particular shape feel free to let us know so we can see the best way to execute it and advice.

spasSpa construction services

Are you searching for the right contractor for spa construction services? Watertech is the top option you should consider. Get in touch with us to inquire or book a site visit. You can use the various channels provided to reach us out.

You can call, send SMS, WhatsApp, send email, fill the contact form or leave a message on the message box.