Our Services

Watertech is a one stop shop for swimming pools construction, biodigesters construction and blow aerators construction in Kenya. We also offer repair and maintenance of swimming pools at very affordable rates. We also do repair and maintenance of biodigesters and blow aerators.

Swimming pool construction

Swimming pool construction is one of our main offerings. We construct swimming pools that suit and reflect very unique tastes and requirements of our clients.

Why choose Watertech to build a swimming pool for you

Watertech boasts of highly qualified and experienced technical team in swimming pool construction. This team has built some of the best swimming pools in Kenya for clients in different sectors. Our clients include private residential home owners, hotels, schools, real estate developments, government institutions, sports institutions and NGOs.

Quality and affordability is our main objective. We build long lasting swimming pools for our clients that suit their needs. This we do while offering very affordable rates so that clients can cut cost but have a pool built to the highest standards.

Blow aerators construction

Blow aerators are a revolutionary invention for purifying waste water from households. Blow aerators go beyond biodigesters when it comes to water purification. Our blow aerators produce very clean water that is free from any contaminants and can safely be used for gardening, watering your lawn and even cleaning your vehicle and floor surfaces within your home.

We also construct blow aerators that are very efficient and environmental friendly. Our blow aerators do not pollute the air meaning they can be constructed within your property without worrying about bad smell even if you are next to one.

Biodigester construction

Watertech is also a leader in constructing affordable and environmental friendly biodigesters. Our biodigesters are highly efficient and very environmental friendly. They do not pollute the air and therefore can safely be installed next to a building. This helps save space or make efficient use of the limited space you have in your property especially in cases where you are not connected to the sewerage system of the municipal council.

Get in touch with us today if you need a reliable service provider in swimming pool construction, blow aerator or bio digester construction as well.