Swimming Pools

Swimming Pools Construction

We are experts in swimming pool construction in Kenya. We build swimming pools for hotels, private homes, real estate developers, sports facilities and much more. We construct affordable swimming pools of the highest standards while meeting the unique needs and preferences of our clients.

Types of swimming pools we construct

There are two main common types of swimming pools we construct for our clients; the free board swimming pool and the deck level swimming pool which is also known as the overflow swimming pool.

Free board swimming pool

The free board swimming pool, water level reaches between four and six inches from the top. This is the most preferred pool for sports and other commercial facilities like schools, clubs, hotels etc. However many residential home owners install this type of pool.

Deck level swimming pool

The deck level swimming pool has the water level filled to the very top. In this case any displacement of water when someone enters the pool causes it to spill over. However the pool mechanism ensures this water is not drained away but rerouted back to the pool. It is more preferred by residential owners in homes though commercial establishments can have it.

Why choose us as your preferred swimming pool construction service provider

High quality standards- We have a highly qualified and experienced technical team that has constructed some of the best swimming pools in Kenya. Our technicians are well versed in constructing different types of swimming that suit the unique preferences and needs of our clients.

Flexibility to meet client’s preferences and needs- We also make pools of different unique shapes that fit the space available at the client’s property. We make a prior site visit to evaluate and advice the client if the site is suitable and what they might need to have in place to ensure the pool is constructed to the right standards.

Affordability- We construct pools of the highest standards at most affordable rates in the market. We desire to see clients enjoy the luxury of having a swimming pool in their homes or commercial establishments at the most affordable cost.

Timely delivery- our lead time in project delivery is one of the best. We make sure we deliver the project within the agreed time frame. In cases where we aren’t able to deliver within that time frame for a reason beyond our control we always let you know and agree the new time frame to work with.

Are you looking for a reliable swimming pool construction service provider who will deliver high quality final product at an affordable cost? Watertech is your top choice. Get in touch with us today for inquiries and booking an appointment.