Blow Aerators

We are experts in constructing blow aerators in Kenya. Our blow aerators meet the highest world standards to ensure they are safe to the environment.

What are blow aerators

Blow aerator systems are structures built to clean waste water from households and release clean water to the environment. They comprise of several chambers where waste water passes through to get rid of substances that have contaminated the water as a result of household use. This water can also be bathroom/washroom water.

These structures are a great solution for homes and real estate establishments that are not connected to the sewer system. They are also preferred by environmental conservationists or those who are concerned about keeping the environment clean. The septic blow aerator system cleans the effluent from houses by filtering and cleansing this water and releasing clean water to the environment.

Watertech blow aerators

The blow aerators we construct meet the highest standards and do not pollute the air or leak dirty water to the environment. The output water is so clean that it can be used to wash floors in your house, water your garden, wash your car or water your lawn without leaving behind bad smell or particles.

These systems are expertly designed and built by our qualified and experienced technical team. They are leak proof to prevent dirty water from being released before going through all stages of purification.

We also offer 1 year guarantee on the unit and continue to offer lifetime post sale repair and maintenance. This gives you some peace of mind knowing that you don’t have to keep worrying if they will leak or what happens if they get damaged for one reason or another. However we build them strong and in spaces where they cannot be easily damaged as a result of adjacent construction works or heavy vehicles passing near or over them.

Are you looking for a solution for waste water management that comes out of your household or property? We have the right solution for you in blow aerators.

Get in touch with us today to book a site visit or for any inquiry you might have. Our technical team is ready to accord you the necessary support you need.