Are you worried how you will deal with sewerage waste in your home or property because of not being connected to the municipal council sewer system? Watertech biodigesters are the solution you need. We build advanced biodigesters that are environmental friendly because they do not pollute the air or surrounding environment.

Watertech biodigesters can be installed next to a residential house without having to worry about environmental pollution. They are designed to be able to break down the waste and release water that is safe to the environment. The air that comes out of the biodigester is also odourless therefore no need to worry about air pollution.

Why clients trust us to construct biodigesters for them

We boast a highly qualified and experienced team of technicians who build reliable structures for our clients. We have built many biodigesters across the country and we get many referrals for our work. This shows that clients trust our work and feel confident enough to refer us to others. We also get return clients especially from property developers who have sites in different locations and keep building others.

Why you too should hire us to construct your biodigesters

Quality assurance- when you hire us to construct a biodigester for you, quality work is assured. Because we have an experienced team, you are assured the final product meets the highest standards.

Timely delivery- our lead time is very short. As long as everything is available, we make sure we deliver within the set timelines.

Experienced and qualified workforce- as said earlier, we boast of a highly experienced technical team. The team is composed of well qualified staff who also keep up to date with the latest developments in the industry.

Affordability- we build high quality biodigesters at very affordable rates. We believe clients should be able to cut costs of building and as a result we offer rates that are very affordable without compromising the quality.

 If you are looking for a reliable service provider to construct a biodigester for you look no further. Watertech is committed to constructing high quality and affordable biodigesters for our clients. We are experts in constructing the most efficient and environmental friendly biodigesters in Kenya. We construct biodigesters for private residents, real estates and public institutions.

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