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Outdoor Fountain Construction Services

Outdoor Fountain Construction Services You will really try so hard to find a person who wouldn’t be mesmerized by a fountain. Fountains are awesome features in any home or facility. Regardless of whether they are in-house or external you will definitely love them. However in this case we focus on outdoor fountain construction services that…

Experts in Sauna Construction Services in Kenya

Experts in Sauna Construction Services in Kenya Are you interested in building a sauna but not sure where to get the right expert for the job? Here at Watertech we are the leading experts in sauna construction services in Kenya. Our experience and knowledge in this field makes us a well sought after service provider….

Spa Contractors in Kenya

Spa Contractors in Kenya Do you want to install a spa whether for commercial or personal use and in need of a good spa contractor? Watertech are the leading spa contractors in Kenya with a good portfolio of amazing previous works done. You can trust us to build you the spa you want that will…

Fountain Contractors in Kenya

Fountain Contractors in Kenya Are you researching on who are the best fountain contractors in Kenya that you can hire? You came to the right place because Watertech is a leading fountain construction services provider in Kenya. We have a great portfolio of works done for various clients and we know we are the right…

Swimming Pool as an Income Generating Project

Swimming Pool as an Income Generating Project Many people install swimming pools in their homes just for leisure and fun. It is a good thing but that’s not the only thing a swimming pool can be used for. We are here tell you that you can actually install a swimming pool as an income generating…

Spa Construction Services in Kenya

Spa Construction Services in Kenya Are you interested in owning a spa whether for personal use or commercial use? Watertech is a market leader in spa construction services in Kenya. We have built some of the best spas in the country and you too can benefit from our long experience and expertise. Why we are…

Fountain Construction Services in Kenya  

Fountain Construction Services in Kenya    Fountains are some of the most captivating structures made by man and can add great value and luxury to your property. That is why institutions, hotels, public facilities etc. install them so as to add that luxury touch. However many others overlook their importance or think they are unnecessary cost….