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5 Pro Tips on How to Prevent a Swimming Pool From Getting Damaged

5 Pro Tips on How to Prevent a Swimming Pool From Getting Damaged

Swimming pools are luxury and prestigious facilities that need to be given good care. Because they can cost a significant amount to build, you definitely don’t want them getting damaged frequently. You would rather they keep working for a long time so that you can get maximum return on your investment. To achieve this, it’s important that you know how to take good care of them. Below we will share 5 pro tips on how to prevent a swimming pool from getting damaged.

How to Clean a Swimming PoolRegular skimming and scrubbing

Unless a pool is covered most of the time, it will definitely have some debris either floating or sunk at the bottom. The debris can be dangerous to both the swimmers and the pumps and therefore needs to be gotten rid of as soon as spotted. You can use the skimmer to remove the debris and it is recommended you do this daily.

Regular scrubbing of the surfaces is also very essential. For the bottom of the pool, you can use a pool brush with the long handle to sweep the dirt. When it comes to the sides where algae builds up and stains develop regularly, use chlorine and brush to clean.

Wet the stained or spots where you see algae building up with chlorine and allow it to sit for some time to take effect. Then use the scrubbing brush to clean it to a sparkle. Scrubbing can be done once a week.

When it comes to cleaning the floor, a pool brush is okay but if you can afford a vacuum robot go for it because you just set it and let it do the work for you.

How to Clean a Swimming Pool Sand FilterRegular cleaning of the filter

The filter is one of the most essential components of a pool. It therefore needs to be well taken care of because not only is it expensive to replace if damaged, but if it’s not functioning, the foreign material are a potential hazard when swimming.

Most of the swimming pool cleaning can be done by turning of the filter but still there are times when it is really useful. A filter helps filter out dirt, leaves, twigs and other foreign objects that fall into the pool. It is very useful when the pool is in use because that time it can filter the objects while people are swimming and also those times you have had time to clean the pool.

Check for cracks, leaks and chips

Cracks on the surfaces of the pool can be dangerous to the swimmers. They can also be a good hiding and breeding places for algae and other organisms. Not only that, cracks are bad for the aesthetics of the pool. You definitely want your pool to always look attractive.

Leaks on the other hand can cause your water drain out or even drain in contaminated water if it rains and the area is water logged or there’s another source of water around. This can greatly affect the PH balance of your pool water which introduces a whole lot of other problems of unbalanced PH and alkaline levels in a pool.

watertech swimming poolsKeep the PH levels in balance

There are several dangers of low PH levels in a pool.  They include but not limited to:

  1. High acidity levels which is corrosive- this causes itching and stinging on body parts like eyes & nasal passage, can lead to dry and itch scalp.
  2. Damage caused by the etching of the plaster, tiles, concreate stones etc.
  • Surfaces might crack and leak when they become brittle.
  1. Staining of surfaces because dissolved minerals hold on to the water.
  2. Cloudy water because of these dissolved minerals.
  3. It also affects the effectiveness of chlorine which in turn leads to build up of bacteria and algae.
  • Metallic parts of the pump, stair railings, filters etc corrode.

Experts recommend PH levels of between 7.2-7.8. However the most optimum level if it can be maintained is 7.4 because it is the same as that of your eyes and nasal/mucus membrane. You need a PH level meter to test.

Learn about the water table under your swimming pool

The state of the water table under your swimming pool can have an impact on the durability of the pool. If the soil under is too wet it can be unstable and make the pool to sink, crack or cave in because it’s unstable. If you understand this you can be able to take compensative measures.

On the other hand, a very dry place though stable, can be a problem if your pool leaks out water. The dry soil will absorb a lot of water which can make the soil become loose or make you keep topping up the water more frequently. It can also attract roots of trees if cracked which can find their way to your pool and with time they can damage the pool by pushing against its walls.

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