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How to Make Over 700000 Kenya Shillings per Year From a Swimming Pool

How to Make Over 700000 Kenya Shillings per Year From a Swimming Pool

Do you own a swimming pool or thinking about owning one? Are you wondering if owning a swimming pool is worth the cost of installing one? How about generating income from it and help recoup the money spent on constructing it? In this post we want to help you see how to make over 700000 Kenya shillings per year from a swimming pool. Yes you read that right and actually you can make much more even up to 1 million Kenya shillings and above.

How to make over 700000 Kenya shillings per year from a swimming pool

Many people own swimming pools but have never thought about monetizing it for some serious cash. You can actually recoup the money you spent on constructing it if you make it an income generating venture. This can be done by opening it up for the public and charging them to use it. You can also offer swimming pool lessons. Even if you are not an experienced swimmer or have knowledge on training people how to swim, you can employ someone.

If you live within a populous community, you can target them as your clients. Even in a rural setting where you are the only one with a swimming pool in a wide area, you can still make it happen. I rural areas people can travel for long distances for such facilities.

Whichever the case, make sure you create good awareness about your venture. You can make cheap posters even in black and white and place them at strategic places. If you offer good services, you will get a lot of good referrals.

Why you should consider monetizing the usage of your swimming pool

watertech swimming poolsTo recoup the cost incurred when constructing it

The cost of constructing a swimming pool can be high and some wonder if it’s worth the investment. However this is one of the reasons why you should consider monetizing its use. It will help you recoup what you spent on construction. Depending with the cost, you can recoup the amount spent within 2 years or more.

To get money for repair and maintenance

Owning a swimming pool is not an install and forget project. A swimming pool needs regular maintenance and occasional repair as well as replacing some components. All this needs money to do. By monetizing the use of the pool you will be able to do it comfortably without resulting to your other sources of income.

Can be an alternative source of income

Entrepreneurs see a business opportunity in almost every situation. Monetizing the use of your swimming pool can be a good source of income for your household. After the effects of Covid19 hit the whole world, many people have embraced the idea of having more than one source of income more than before.

Another way of monetizing your swimming pool is by offering swimming lessons. If you are an experienced swimmer you can do it yourself. You will actually enjoy it because swimming is a hobby to many people and everyone enjoys doing their hobby. On the other hand if you are not experienced or don’t have training skills or time, you can employ someone do it. You will be killing two birds with one stone; generate income and create employment.

Creation of employment

By monetizing the use of a swimming pool through charging people to use it or offering swimming lessons, you can also help create employment. Since you will need a worker(s) like a life guard/trainer, maintainer etc. you will be creating employment for someone.

How to make over 700000 Kenya shillings per year from a swimming pool- the math

watertech swimming poolsSo how do you make KSh 700,000 and above per year from your pool? Here’s the math:

Charging swimming sessions:

No of target people per week= 50

Charges per session= KSh 300

Amount earned per week= 50×300 = 15,000 KSh

Amount earned per month= 15,000×4= 60,000 KSh

Amount earned per year= 60,000×12= 720,000 KSh

So we see from swimming sessions a lone charging KSh 300 only you can earn KSh 720,000 per year.

NB: during the hot seasons, school holidays and public holidays, you will have more clients. Also depending with your target clientele, you can charge more per session.

Offering swimming lessons:

No of target people per month= 5

Charges per person= KSh3000

Amount earned per month= 3,000×5= 15,000 KSh

Amount earned per year= 15,000×12= 180,000 KSh

Kindly note that during school holidays and the festive session, you will have many clients so you will significantly increase your income. You can also charge more if you target a higher income level class.

Total potential earnings per year:The Best Swimming Pools in Kenya

720,000+180,000= 900,000 KSh

That’s shy of just KSh 100,000 to make it 1 million Kenya shillings which is realistic even charging the figures given here.

However it’s important to factor in the other expenses that you have to incur. These may include: swimming pool treatment chemicals, power bills, salaries, repair and maintenance etc. However even if half of the income goes to these expenses, for a facility that’s mostly consumes money without returns in most households, it’s not a bad return.

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