Swimming Pool Construction Cost in Kenya
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Swimming Pool Construction Cost in Kenya

Swimming Pool Construction Cost in Kenya

For anyone wanting to own a swimming pool, the cost is the main factor to consider. On the other hand, the main determinant of the cost of a swimming pool is the size. At Watertech, we are experts in constructing swimming pools of any size and shape. Below we will share our swimming pool construction cost in Kenya to help you make an informed decision.

Considerations to make before building a swimming pool

There are a few considerations you need to make before building a swimming pool.

  1. Available space

Before you construct a swimming pool, you need to consider the available space. Ask yourself these questions:

  • Whether it is big enough?
  • Is the place convenient for a swimming pool?
  • Will it cause inconveniences like movement of people, animals and vehicles?
  • Will it be affected by pollution from drainage water, busted sewer lines, runoff water when it rains etc.?
  1. Underground or aboveground

Do you prefer an underground or aboveground pool? If you intend to have a temporary pool, an aboveground can be the more preferable option. However these type of pools might not be as durable as underground pools.

  • Permanent pool or temporary pool

portable swimming pools construction services in KenyaDo you intend to use the available space for other things in future? If so then installing a temporary pool is a no brainer. As stated above, aboveground pools are more temporary than underground pools. However you can still have a temporary underground pool.

  1. For private use or public use

The other major consideration to make before constructing a swimming pool is who will use it? Will it be for your family and friends or will be for public use like in hotels, schools and other public establishments? This will determine the design and eventually the cost too.

  1. Availability of water

It’s very important that you have a good source of clean water. Water from a river might not be very helpful considering it can be contaminated. The river might also be a seasonal river that only runs during rainy seasons when it’s cold and not many people want to swim.

  1. Type of soil or topography of the area

The type of soil and topography of your area is another major consideration. In rocky places it makes it harder and more costly to dig. Also if the area is on a slope it might not be really helpful because when it rains dirty water will get in the pool. Also a very steep slope will make it harder to construct let alone people accessing it.

Determinants of swimming pool construction cost in Kenya

  1. Size of the pool

Size is the main determinant of a swimming pool construction cost. For normal swimming pools below are the costs you will incur from our services. These costs are for a full contract whereby we handle everything; material, labor etc.

Size in meters Full contract cost in Ksh
4 meters x 8 meters 1,800,000
10 meters x 5 meters 2000,000
12 meters x 6 meters 2,400,000


  1. Type of contract you want

The other determinant is the type of contract you want to get from us. There is the option of a full contract(prices above) or labor only contract. The costs for labor only contract are stated below.

Size in meters Labor cost in Ksh
4 meters x 8 meters 400,000
10 meters x 5 meters 550,000
12 meters x 6 meters 650,000


  • Type of the swimming pool

The third thing that also determines swimming pool construction cost in Kenya is the type of the swimming pool and material used. Fibreglass material is more expensive. Also is the swimming pool heated or normal swimming pool. Heated swimming pools are more expensive than the non-heated type because of the extra cost of installing the heating system.

watertech swimming pools, swimming pool construction services in KenyaGet professional swimming pool construction services

Watertech is a leading swimming pool construction services provider in Kenya. We make the most affordable and high quality swimming pools in the country and our delivery time is enviable. If you need a reliable and professional swimming pool contractor in Kenya get in touch with us today.

You can call, WhatsApp or send an SMS on the numbers at the top. You can also send us an email or leave your inquiry on the comment box on this page. We will revert to you soonest possible.

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