Swimming Pool Contractors in Kenya
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Swimming Pool Contractors in Kenya

Swimming Pool Contractors in Kenya

Swimming pools are great additions to any property whether it’s a private residential home or a commercial property. They can significantly increase the value of any property and give you a better premium if you choose to sell or let. Still if it’s your home for family living it adds luxury and convenience because you don’t have to rely on public swimming pools. As the leading swimming pool contractors in Kenya, we are your best partner in constructing the right swimming pool for your property.

We construct swimming pools of any size and shape you may desire depending on what your property allows. We have the expertise and experience in constructing top quality swimming pools in Kenya. Our technical team have built some amazing swimming pools across the nation.

Swimming Pool Contractors in KenyaWhat to look for when choosing among swimming pool contractors in Kenya

Qualified personnel- for such a high value project you should not gamble with quacks. Don’t engage people who can’t prove that they have at least one qualified person to handle/oversee the project. Ensure that you are dealing with people who are qualified even if it’s one qualified engineer who acts as the foreman and expert.

Proof of past works- a good swimming pool construction company should be able to show proof of past works done. Even if they are starting out they should have personnel who have previous experience on working on other projects. However it’s good to note some swimming pool contractors in Kenya outsource manpower from freelance technicians.

This is a strategy mostly used by start-ups and helps them benefit from experienced experts without incurring the big cost of hiring them full time. They only contract them per project just like other fundis. This is a common practice in the construction industry.

Ability to adapt and customize to your requirements- the swimming pool contractor should be able to customize the pool to your unique needs. They have to adapt to what your property can accommodate especially for private pools. For sports swimming pools like Olympic size pools there can’t be a compromise because there are set requirements that must be met.

However for residential pools, hospitality industry pools and/or real estate pools, it’s very possible to adapt to client needs and the contractor must therefore be able to do so.

Why choose Watertech as your preferred swimming pool contractors in Kenya

Qualified and experience technical team- At Watertech, we boast of a team of qualified and experienced workforce. Our technicians have built some of the best swimming pools in Kenya. We are therefore able to build you any type of swimming pool that is possible on your property.

Ability to adapt to client needs- different clients have different needs. Some want unique swimming pools because it reflects their taste. Others because of the size and shape of the space available, their pools have to be very unique. Our technicians are able to customize a swimming pool that meets your exact requirements with great ease.

Timely deliverability or projects- one of the key driving factors at Watertech is timely delivery of projects. We adhere to the agreed upon timelines so that the client can start enjoying their facility as soon as possible.

Affordable rates- swimming pool construction does not necessarily have to be expensive even though it’s considered a luxury for the well-off. Some swimming pool contractors in Kenya unnecessarily inflate the cost because they feel it’s just for the rich. However at Watertech we believe in charging the right fee for a swimming pool. We don’t believe in overcharging even if this is a luxury facility.

Durable- different types of swimming pools have different lifespans. However regardless of the type of pool we install for you, we offer the best quality so that it can last the whole lifespan expected of that pool. We always give you the lifespan of each pool so you can know what to expect.

However it should be noted there are always repair and maintenance expenses throughout the lifespan of the pool. But because we build the highest quality swimming pools in Kenya, these costs will be at the very minimal.

cost of building a home swimming pool in KenyaGet In touch

Are you in looking for reliable swimming pool contractors in Kenya? Get in touch with us today for more information or to book an appointment or site visit. We are your reliable partner in owning a dream swimming pool.

Call us, Whatsapp us or pay us a visit at our office. We are located at Toll Station, Kimbo, Ruiru along Thika Superhighway.

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