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Heated Swimming Pools Construction Services in Kenya

Heated Swimming Pools Construction Services in Kenya

Heated swimming pools are not very common in Kenya because they are mostly found in cold countries or locally in hotels and spas. However that does not mean if you want one you shouldn’t go for it. If you want to install one whether for your hotel, spa or residential home you have come to the right place. Watertech is a market leader in offering heated swimming pool construction services in Kenya.

How does a heated swimming pool work?

Using a heat pump

A heat pump uses electricity to draw heat from the air in the environment and push it into the water. The heat pump does not generate any heat itself. They are therefore dependent on the outside temperature.

Heat pumps are only efficient if the temperature is higher than 10 °C. If the outside temperature falls below 10 °C, it is best to shut it off. The advantage with our nation is that we are within the tropics and in most parts of the nation we experience above 10 °C temperatures throughout the year. This makes them very ideal in our nation. These pumps can generate up to 5 kW of heat for 1 kW of energy.

Using heat exchangers

Heat exchangers usually use a corrosion-resistant heating element made from titanium to generate heat. The electricity heats the resistor, which in turn transfers the heat to the water flowing past the resistance.

Residential Swimming Pool Construction Services in KenyaThe main advantage of heat exchangers is they are quicker than heat pumps. Their main drawback is that they consume a lot of energy which can add up your power bill significantly.

Using solar water heaters

Solar water heaters use the same mechanism with those that are installed in homes for heating water. They basically use solar heat to generate heat that heats the water. There are two mechanisms used here:

  1. Indirect – Indirect mechanism also known as closed-loop uses a non-freezing liquid to transfer heat from the sun to the water in the storage tank. The thermal energy from the sun then heats the fluid in the solar collectors. This fluid is then passed through a heat exchanger in the storage tank that transfers the heat to the water. The non-freezing fluid then cycles back to the collectors and the cycle continues.

hotel swimming pool construction services in KenyaThe disadvantage of this is that the storage tank is not big enough to hold all the water in the pool. It’s therefore best to heat the water continuously and have the pool covered to prevent massive heat loss. If a pool is not covered well, the heat tend to get lost due to the cold air in the environment. This is especially the case at night when there’s no sun.

  1. Direct – Direct systems circulate water through solar collectors where it is heated by the sun. The heated water is then stored in a tank or sent directly to the pool and more pool water is pumped up to the heater for heating. These systems are preferable in climates like ours where it doesn’t freeze.

Above are some of the methods used in heated swimming pools but we like to evaluate and apply the most suitable option. This is determined with budget, size, location among other factors.

Reliable heated swimming pools construction services in Kenya

Are you interested in installing a heated swimming pool in your facility, home or hotel? Watertech is a leader in heated swimming pools construction services in Kenya. Get in touch with us today if you need one.

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