portable swimming pools construction services in Kenya
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Portable Swimming Pools Construction Services in Kenya

Portable Swimming Pools Construction Services in Kenya

Swimming pools come in various shapes and types. But the disadvantage is that a lot of times they are permanently stuck to where they are installed. This is not always convenient because at times you might need to make adjustments/modifications of your premises. At other times you need them for a specific time and purpose. It’s possible that you might need to use the space for other activities and having a permanent one brings a lot of inconvenience. To overcome this challenge the solution is a portable pool. Watertech is a market leader in offering portable swimming pools construction services in Kenya. Below are some advantages of a portable pool.

Advantages of portable swimming pools

Portability- as the name suggests, portable swimming pools are very portable. You can easily move them around and depending with the type, you can easily transport them in the back of a pickup. This means that if you don’t own the property you live on or want to move to another residence, you will not leave them behind and need to construct a new one in your new residence.

The fact that they are portable means that you can choose to use them on a temporally basis and when the event/season is over you easily pull them down.

Cost- the other main advantage of a portable swimming pool is the cost. Compared to in ground swimming pools, portable swimming pools are quite cheap. This is because they use plastic, canvas or PVC material and do not need excavation, building works etc. Even landscaping can be avoided. All these contribute towards a lower cost of the pool.

Convenience- the other advantage of such pools is convenience. Since portable pools come prebuilt, you don’t get inconvenienced with having construction works at your property which can go for weeks or even more than a month depending with the size. For example in-ground concrete pools have a lot of work from excavation to levelling, building the structure, landscaping etc.

With a portable swimming pool, you can install/assemble it, fill it with water and start using it within a few hours.

portable swimming pools construction services in KenyaTypes of portable swimming pools

Because of their portability, portable swimming pools are not made up of strong heavy material. There are mostly two types of portable swimming pools we deal in; inflatable and vinyl-liner pools.

Inflatable swimming pools

The inflatable pools are made with canvas and has an inlet valve that connects to the air pump. They are inflated same way as bouncing castles for kids then filled up with water. The biggest advantage of the inflatable pools is risk of puncture. This can lead to loss of air and water if punctured.

Vinyl-liner swimming pools

The vinyl-liner pools are made with PVC and reinforced with metal frame. After assembly, you fill them up with water from a horse pipe.

Reliable portable swimming pools construction services in Kenya

Are you searching for reliable service provider to build for you a portable swimming pool? As indicated earlier, we are market leaders in offering portable swimming pools construction services in Kenya.

Get in touch with us today if you need one or make an inquiry.

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