How to Clean a Swimming Pool Sand Filter
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How to Clean a Swimming Pool Sand Filter

How to Clean a Swimming Pool Sand Filter

If you own or plan to own a swimming pool, regular maintenance is very important and one of the equipment that need careful attention is the sand filter. However how regular you clean the swimming pool sand filter depends with frequency of use for the swimming pool. If you don’t use your pool daily and also cover it when not in use then the frequency can be longer. However regardless of when you clean it, here is a guide on how to clean a swimming pool sand filter.

How to Clean Your Swimming Pool After a Heavy Rain StormStep by step guide on how to clean a swimming pool sand filter

Normally it is recommended you clean the filter between 5-10 days or once per week if you are using the pool daily. But a better way to tell is when the reading of the pressure on the pump has increased to about 2kPa, 3psi since the last wash.

  1. Stop the pump-

The first thing you should do is to switch off the pump. This is obvious but we have mentioned it anyway.

  1. Close the suction valves and return lines-

The second step is closing those suction valves and the return valves.

  1. Open the pump cover and empty the filter basket-

The third step involves opening pump cover and then emptying the dirt/sand/particles in the filter basket.

  1. Refit the pump cover-

After emptying the filter basket refit the cover you opened.

  1. Open the drain outlet valve-

The next step is opening the valve leading to the drain outlet.

  1. Turn the lever to backwash-

After opening the valve leading to the drain outlet then turn the lever to backwash position.

  1. Open the valves leading to the suction and return lines-

Remember the valves leading to the return lines and suction you had closed earlier? It’s time to open them again.

  1. Start the pump-

How to Clean a Swimming Pool Sand FilterSwitch on the pump and have it run for 1 ½ minutes to 2 minutes or until the water in the sighting glass is clear. At this stage please ensure if your swimming pool is heated type that the electric heater is off.

  1. Stop the pump-

After the water in the sight glass is clear to your satisfaction switch off the pump.

  1. Turn the lever to rinse-

Remember the lever you had turned to backwash earlier in step 6? Turn it this time to rinse then start the pump.

  1. Start the pump again when in rinse position-

After turning the lever to rinse position run the pump for about 30 seconds to rinse.

  1. Stop the pump and switch lever to filter-

After running the pump in rinse position for about 30 seconds switch it off and turn the lever to filter which is the normal position.

  1. Close the drainage outlet and start the pump-

Finally close the outlet of the drainage and start the pump to start doing its work as usual. If your swimming pool is heated type you can now switch on the heater.

Following the steps above on how to clean a swimming pool sand filter will help you have it operating optimally all the time.

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