Importance of Swimming Pool Maintenance and Cleanliness
How to Clean Swimming Pools / Swimming Pool Maintenance and Cleanliness

Importance of Swimming Pool Maintenance and Cleanliness

Importance of Swimming Pool Maintenance and Cleanliness

Do you own a swimming pool or intend to own one? If you want your pool to serve you well for a long time, regular maintenance and cleanliness is very important. Below we will discuss the importance of swimming pool maintenance and cleanliness to help you enjoy long stress-free service from your pool.

Importance of swimming pool maintenance and cleanliness:

  1. To protect the pool equipment-

Cost of pool equipment is not cheap and replacing a damaged one because you neglected doing regular maintenance and cleanliness is really painful. However you can help protect and preserve your pool equipment if you do regular cleaning and maintenance of the pool.

  1. To ensure the pool is safe and clean to swim in-

Outdoor pools tend to have debris and particles fall in which can cause injury to the swimmers. For example broken glass, twigs stones etc. can injure someone. Alternatively, slippery floors and surfaces can lead to serious accidents if one slips. Broken body parts, bleeding or even drowning can happen. Therefore ensuring your pool is in top condition helps avoid such.

  1. Good appearance/aesthetics-

Regular cleanliness and maintenance of the pool makes it look attractive and desirable for anyone to swim in.How to Clean Your Swimming Pool After a Heavy Rain Storm

  1. To ensure the water is clean and comfortable to swim in-

When swimming, water comes into contact with eyes, nose, ears and body skin. A pool that is not well maintained can make some not all these parts of the body itch, get irritated or get an infection like swimmers’ ear.

  1. Prevent growth of bacteria and algae-

Bacteria and algae like to grow in dirty areas or places not regularly cleaned. To prevent your pool and pool area from attracting their growth you need to keep a schedule of regular cleaning and maintenance.

  1. To increase the pool lifespan-

A neglected pool tends to degrade faster. But you can increase and get maximum lifespan from your pool and its equipment by ensuring you clean and maintain your pool on a regular basis.

  1. To avoid and reduce no of repairs-

Some repairs can be avoided by regularly cleaning and doing routine maintenance of your pool and its equipment. Equipment like pumps, heaters if available, valves etc. need regular cleaning. The most critical of these is the filter. Check out our guide on how to clean a swimming pool sand filter.

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