How to Drain Swimming Pool Water Without a Pump
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How to Drain Swimming Pool Water Without a Pump

How to Drain Swimming Pool Water Without a Pump

Once in a while it will require you to drain water out of a swimming pool. Unfortunately it’s not every time you want to do so that you might have a pump ready to do it. If you find yourself in such a situation don’t worry. We will show you a simple procedure on how to drain swimming pool water without a pump using a hose pipe. The main equipment of course is a hose pipe.

Before we proceed let us look at some of the reasons why you might want to drain swimming pool water:

  1. To do repair on the pool.
  2. To replace overused or contaminated water with fresh water.
  • When you want to destroy the pool and use the space for other purposes.
  1. When you want to shift your pool to a different location.

Here is a simple method on how to drain swimming pool water without a pump.

watertech swimming poolsIt’s possible to find yourself without a pump available to drain water from the pool when the need arises. If such a need arises do the following:

  1. Step one- get a long hose pipe without holes along its body length. The hose should not have any holes that might leak air in or water out. This is very important because you want to use natural of law of gravity and air displacement. If the hose has some holes it will not work.

At the same time ensure the hose pipe is long enough to reach where you want to drain water but not too long so that you are able to create a vacuum when removing air from the hose.

  1. Step two- insert one end of the hose into the pool. Make sure the hose tip is not touching the floor but low enough to an inch or 1 ½ inches from the pool floor surface. This to prevent the hose from creating a vacuum if it touches the ground and gets stuck like a magnet. To ensure as much water as possible drains out insert the hose pipe in the deeper end of the pool.
  2. Step three- place the other end to where you want to drain. Ensure that the level where the water is draining to is not elevated higher than the pool. This is because gravity force pulls things down not up. Unless you are in a place with reverse gravity which is very rare.
  3. Step four- suck out air from the hose from the end not in the water. Use your mouth to repeatedly and in quick succession suck out air until water starts to come out. The idea is to have the force that pulls out the air is continuous until it starts to pull out water.

Please remember to spit out the water. Swallowing it might be dangerous because if ingested the water has some chemicals. You also need to wash your mouth later. When water starts flowing out leave the hose lying where it’s draining. You can repeat the same process with more hoses for faster results and sit back as the pool drains.

  1. Step five- scoop out the remaining water when hose draining stops. After some time the hose will stop draining because the water level has reached the lowest possible level for gravity law and air displacement to work. After this you will need to scoop out the water using containers or any other thing that can be used to scoop out the water.

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