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Swimming Pool as an Income Generating Project

Swimming Pool as an Income Generating Project

Many people install swimming pools in their homes just for leisure and fun. It is a good thing but that’s not the only thing a swimming pool can be used for. We are here tell you that you can actually install a swimming pool as an income generating project and make some good money. How you might be wondering. This post will help you know how a swimming pool can be converted to an income generating venture.

Two options available if you are considering installing a swimming pool as an income generating project

The two options we will discuss here are not just for the yet to be constructed swimming pools but also for pre-existing ones. However it’s more convenient if you haven’t built your swimming pool yet because you can design it with the ideas in mind.

For example you will be able to factor in access by clients, their convenience and any other extra facilities that might be required like changing rooms, office, entrance, clients’ personal items storage facilities etc.

Option 1- Installing a swimming pool as an income generating project-

watertech swimming poolsSwimming lessons

Many people don’t know how to swim and would be willing to pay someone to train them. Many parent too are willing to pay a professional or experienced swimmer to train their children. Since safety of their children is very important, parents would prefer their child is trained by an experienced person on how to swim.

This shows that there is a good demand for swimming classes something you can capitalize on. If you offer professional services with good results, then you can be assured of good business through referrals. However you need to research on the requirements so that you can have in place the right documents. Remember this is a professional service and legal business that requires you to register and get the right licences. You therefore need to visit the county government offices to know what is required.

There are two ways you can charge for your services:

One off fee

This is where your clients pay a onetime fee and they come for a particular no of lessons or until they achieve a set goal. For example you can design your program such that one is considered to have completed the training or a particular level if they are able to perform specific moves.

This can further be broken into levels like basic, intermediate and professional. You can charge a particular fee for each level. You can also give your clients the option to pay for the whole course at once.

The advantages:

  1. No loss or fluctuating income from a client– even if the client discontinues the training, you will not have to be worried about loss of income.
  2. Less likelihood of missed classes- This option also encourages the trainees to attend all classes because if they skip they are the one to loose. There is more consistency in attendance.
  • Ability to plan well- The other advantage is that it gives you the ability to plan well how you will conduct the lessons. You are able to plan when you will be offering particular lessons.
  1. Group training- another great advantage of this option is that you can be able to offer group training. For example you can have scheduled intakes and train the students in groups and they move from one level to another as a group.

Per session

In this option, you charge per session. You can set a flat fee or charge depending with the level. For example for beginners, you can charge a lower fee and increase the fee for more advanced levels. The other way to go about it is charging per duration and during that time you train as many moves as possible.

The advantage in this option for the trainee is that they are flexible to come at their own convenient time. It can also help the trainees attend when they have the money.

This flexibility can also be an advantage to your business because the trainees will prefer your flexible services over other service providers who might be a bit rigid in their programs.

On the flip side, the main disadvantage is the times that are convenient for different persons might collide and give you a challenge of allocating time and trainers if you have employed some.

Option 2- Installing a swimming pool as an income generating project

watertech swimming poolsCharging for swimming sessions

The other option you can generate income from a swimming pool is by charging people who come to swim. This is common in many public facilities. You can construct your swimming pool with this idea in mind which helps you factor in how the clients will access the pool.

Charging people to swim can be a great source of income especially on weekends, holidays and hot sessions. You can set a particular fee you charge for a particular period of time. For example you can charge KSh 300 for 2 hours.

The disadvantage would be when you have many people some might extend beyond the two hours and you aren’t able to tell when each person came. This is the case especially with the youth because they will always try to take more than they paid for. You have to come up with a mechanism of working around it.


The above two are the main ways you can use a swimming pool as an income generating project. By converting your pool to an income greeting venture you can be able to easily recoup money used to construct it as well as repair and maintenance costs with ease.

We had earlier written a post on how to make 700,000 Kenya shillings per year from a swimming pool. You might want to check it to see the math of how it can be achieved.

How Much Will it Cost to Build a Swimming Pool in Kenyan ShillingsGet reliable swimming pool construction services

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