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How Septic Blow Aerator Systems Work

How Septic Blow Aerator Systems Work

Septic blow aerators are systems designed to purify contaminated water from your kitchen, bathroom, washing machine, toilet and other household used water then release clean water safe for environment. They are much more effective than biodigester septic tanks because traditional septic tanks contain anaerobic bacteria while blow aerator systems contain aerobic bacteria. We will discuss more on this below on the process of how septic blow aerator systems work.

Difference between traditional biodigester septic tanks and septic blow aerator systems

A traditional biodigester septic tank is a single enclosed chamber. The water treatment occurs through bacteria breaking down the substances in the effluent to allow separation and water flows out that is free from the particles and contaminants. The bacteria in this case works without presence of oxygen and this bacteria is called anaerobic bacteria.

A septic blow aerator system on the other hand has several chambers and introduces oxygen to the process via a blow aerator pump. The pump adds oxygen into the process to increase and accelerate the process creating an aerobic atmosphere. The bacteria in this case is called aerobic bacteria and is 20 times more aggressive than in the traditional biodigester septic system.

How septic blow aerator systems work

Septic blow aerator systems consists of several chambers that the dirty water passes through until it comes out of the other side clean. It is a multistage process with each stage having its own function.

The first chamber known as the settling chamber helps to separate the large particles from the water. This happens when the large particles settle at the bottom and allows water to ‘float’ on top. From here the water flows to the next chamber through a filtered opening near the top.

In the second chamber is where the blow aerator machine is that blows air into the water to further break it down from where the first process stopped. The bacteria in the air helps to break down the waste water further and separates water from particles that made it through from first chamber.

The third stage is where the water settles down and then released on the other end when it’s very environmental friendly. This is what makes septic blow aerator systems very suitable and recommended over traditional biodigester septic tanks.

Get a septic blow aerator system installed

How Septic Blow Aerator Systems Work - WaterTechAs seen above on how septic blow aerator systems work, they are much better than traditional biodigester septic tanks. Get one for your residential home today and enjoy a clean environment regardless of where you are. You no longer have to worry about disposing off the effluent coming out of your household in an environmentally clean manner.

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